The HOPSTAR Harvester is designed with the special needs of small acre growers in mind.  The focus of design was to make the machine "able":

DUR..ABLE:  All frame parts are fabricated from structural steel and sized with long life as a primary goal.

SERVICE..ABLE:  The open frame design of the HOPSTAR allows easy access to components for routine maintenance or repairs when required. 

EXPANDA..BLE:  No need to buy more machine than you currently need, or be committed to a machine too small as your harvesting needs change.  The HOPSTAR can be tailored to your needs at purchase, and additional capacity added later as your operation expands.  

ADAPT..ABLE:  Varieties changing?  Need portability?  Additional equipment such as our arm remover module, trailer package, or self-contained power package can be added. 


ADJUST..ABLE:  Quick and simple adjustments have been built in for changing harvest conditions as bines mature and crop and weather conditions change  All adjustable components are color coded for easy identification.


AFFORD..ABLE:  Purchase price, energy costs, and maintenance costs are important.  You will find the purchase price to be lower than expected!  Energy cost are below the norm, with only 17 amps (at 220 volts) being consumed.  Maintenance costs are minimal, with industrial grade drives, bearings, and chains.